Today’s doodles featuring some Swedish, a Me Gusta selfie with Pandaliondeath, my messy table, and sketches of my whereabouts in Northern France

Sketches in the chronological order (sat 9 aug - sun 10 aug)

Sketches in Lille - 7 August 2014 (size A6)

Doodle-WIP-dump as I feel like this blog hasn’t been updated in aaaaaages
31 July 2014 ~ 5 Aug. 2014

WIP - she liked stories with stormy oceans and wooden boats, the smell of coffee, and the blurry silhouettes of strangers walking down the street.

Now to find another purpose in life. Finished #drawing. #patterns
Arriving as a print sometime in September!

Free worldwide shipping time on

Thought I’d share the progress on my new #drawing in the “girl in the middle of a circle full of patterns” kind of series :)

Ink #doodle

And here’s a #doodle from the passenger seat as he was driving me back to my current home (somewhere lost in northern France) - he tried to make me teach him some Cantonese an German. No need to say it was a failure (just bad at teaching, meh).

Spent the weekend in #Amsterdam with a friend and took some time to #doodle here and there :) that’s somewhere on #Prinselgracht or #NieuweSpiegelstraat ~

Coloured #doodle in #zapbook :)

drawings from the 4th (Eurostar: London - Paris) and 5th of June (Château de Fontainebleau)

doodles from the 27th of June

doodles from the Paris-Annecy train, filled with a bright moon, tiny twins, quite a bit of rum and quite a lot of coffee