Now to find another purpose in life. Finished #drawing. #patterns
Arriving as a print sometime in September!

Free worldwide shipping time on

Thought I’d share the progress on my new #drawing in the “girl in the middle of a circle full of patterns” kind of series :)

Ink #doodle

And here’s a #doodle from the passenger seat as he was driving me back to my current home (somewhere lost in northern France) - he tried to make me teach him some Cantonese an German. No need to say it was a failure (just bad at teaching, meh).

Spent the weekend in #Amsterdam with a friend and took some time to #doodle here and there :) that’s somewhere on #Prinselgracht or #NieuweSpiegelstraat ~

Coloured #doodle in #zapbook :)

drawings from the 4th (Eurostar: London - Paris) and 5th of June (Château de Fontainebleau)

doodles from the 27th of June

doodles from the Paris-Annecy train, filled with a bright moon, tiny twins, quite a bit of rum and quite a lot of coffee

probably left a portion of my heart there.

doodle from back when summer actually felt like summer - like, two weeks ago - Annecy, 2014

mm - maybe i’ll make this one move this summer

annecy doodle after watching “the age of curious” (trailer on vimeo) by Luca Toth - you should definitely watch it :D !

Phone picture because my camera has no battery and I shouldn’t plug the tablet right now otherwise my night will just vanish.
Artist promo on society6 til July 13! Here’s the link: :D

Finished drawing of Lobster (LegLob project) and Pemmi’s (art Tumblr) kitchen back in Canterbury :D I can’t thank them and Nadja and Mai enough for taking me in when I popped in town a month ago~